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Meet the Team

Lauren C. Kline (she/her), MS, BCBA, LBA, Certified Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

Zeta Wellness was created by founder Lauren C. Kline in 2021. A former collegiate athlete and active behavior analyst and nutritionist, Lauren found herself becoming a mother in 2020, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Having prioritized her own health and wellness for many years as well as coaching others, she struggled finding a new normal that included meeting her own health needs. A subsequent chronic disease diagnosis highlighted the challenge to create a health system that worked best for the transitions in her life. Lauren is passionate about creating personalized, meaningful health systems at the foundation of building healthy habits to thrive in all of life's seasons.

Lauren grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and currently resides in Arizona. She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Certified Nutritionist. Lauren is a graduate of Santa Clara University with a bachelor of science in Psychology and a master of science in Applied Behavior Analysis from Arizona State University. You can find her hiking with her family, working out in her community gym, cooking new foods, cheering on her favorite sports teams, or exploring new cultures.

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Zeta Wellness Philosophy

Rooted in the study of behavior change, Zeta Wellness understands the complexity and the importance of how we interact with our own mind and body. From performance athletes to those looking to prioritize health for the first time, no one diet, one workout program, or one approach can fully support everyone. We think that it's crucial to look at the way we talk to ourselves, the stories we create, and the actions that we ultimately choose to take when it comes to our health and wellness. We pride ourselves on compassionate, client-centered skill building in our coaching practice, including creating personalized health systems for every client. Zeta Wellness incorporates behavior change models and clinical approaches such as the Health Belief Model, the Theory of Planned Behavior, the Transtheoretical Model of Change, Motivational Interviewing, and Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT).

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